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ILO Short for International Labour Organisation, founded in 1919 as part of the Treaty of Versailles, which created the League of Nations. In 1946, it became the first specialised agency of the UN. Based in Geneva, it formulates international LABOUR standards, setting out desired minimum rights for workers: freedom of association; the right to organise and engage in collective bargaining; equality of opportunity and treatment; and the abolition of forced labour. It also compiles international labour statistics. One reason for its formation was the hope that international labour standards would stop countries using lower standards to gain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. From the 1980s onwards, the ILO approach came under attack as attention turned to the costs of high labour standards, notably slower economic GROWTH. Universal minimum labour standards might also work against FREE TRADE. Imposing rich-country labour standards on poorer countries might help keep the rich rich and the poor poor.

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